How Can I Try Out Cloud Foundry? 2018 Edition

By: | 四月 18, 2018

So you’ve built a cloud-native app, taking advantage of all the 12-factors, or at least most of them. Is there a cloud application platform that you can easily run your app in — both in production and to test it out? Yes, there is: Cloud Foundry Application Runtime.

Here are our 2018 certified platforms that can help you get up and running on Cloud Foundry Application Runtime immediately:

  1. Atos Cloud Foundry. Atos Cloud Foundry is a multi-cloud platform, fully managed by Atos, supporting its customers in their digital business strategy.
  2. is a centralized, open source PaaS provided by 18F, an office of the General Services Administration. It is compliant with federal regulations and has a FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) at the Moderate impact level. It allows your development team to focus on products that serve your agency’s mission, without needing to manage the underlying server infrastructure.
  3. Huawei FusionStage. Huawei “FusionStage Cloud Foundry” is based on the latest Cloud Foundry open source release with Diego as a runtime engine and fully compliant with the CF CLI. It has a fully functional portal for users to deploy and manage their cloud-native applications and/or services.
  4. IBM Cloud Foundry. Build, migrate or extend your first app on IBM Cloud Foundry, deploy and scale apps without manually configuring and managing servers. Sign up for an account and build on IBM Cloud for free with no time restrictions and access IBM’s broad range of Services, including Watson.
  5. Pivotal Web Services. Sign up for a free trial to run your app on Pivotal’s public Pivotal Cloud Foundry. This is a fully managed version of Cloud Foundry that runs in a public cloud. Manage apps in the Application Manager UI, use a host of marketplace services, see live stats in PCF Metrics, and much more. You can get up and running immediately, with no credit card.
  6. SAP Cloud Platform: Get started with a free trial of SAP Cloud Platform Developer Edition to experience a comprehensive set of platform services including SAP HANA and SAP Leonardo and gain early access to beta functionality. Discover the capabilities SAP Cloud Platform delivers to simplify development of next generation enterprise applications.
  7. SUSE Cloud Application Platform. One of two certified Cloud Foundry software offerings and the only Cloud Foundry Application Runtime that runs in Kubernetes, SUSE Cloud Application Platform is built with SUSE Linux Enterprise, is directly supported by SUSE, and is the only distribution that is delivered as a 100% open source software stack, making it a practical solution for organizations pursuing an engineering-led approach to production-grade application delivery transformation.
  8. Swisscom Application Cloud. Swisscom Cloud Foundry is provided from the most modern and secure data centers in Switzerland. Corporate customers particularly value its Virtual Private offering and managed enterprise-grade services. Sign up for a free trial on Swisscom’s Application Cloud.

Try it out and see why organizations like Allianz, Allstate, American Airlines, BNY Mellon, the Dutch government, Ford, Liberty Mutual, Volkswagen, the United States Air Force and dozens of others are running their businesses on Cloud Foundry!

Check out our docs to find out more about Cloud Foundry.

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