Cloud Foundry
and Containers

If you’re trying to simplify application development and delivery in your organization, Cloud Foundry is for you. Cloud Foundry is the cloud application platform that helps you modernize existing applications today and start containerizing and transforming new applications. Cloud Foundry addresses the significant complexities involved in scaling and orchestrating containers from rapid prototyping through to production.

"Cloud Foundry utilizes containers as part of its DNA."

The Rise of Containers

The popularity of containers is on the rise as more companies shift to a cloud native application architecture and a continuous delivery model. However, containers alone are not enough. Running containers at enterprise scale is complex. As environments grow, that complexity increases. Most companies are either evaluating or running containers, but only a small percentage are running them in production.

Cloud Foundry enables enterprises to reap the benefits of containers, support cloud architectures and continue to build a DevOps culture.

Containers need a platform: Containers provide application portability and ensure elasticity, but running production workloads at scale requires management and orchestration. Cloud Foundry offers choice and portability—a platform that addresses the complex needs of an organization.

Reduce operational complexity: Health and performance monitoring and management ensure operations teams are able to support the complexity of containers at scale.

Open and collaborative: Drive innovation through collaboration with other projects and standards, such as the Open Container Initiative (OCI) or the Container Networking Interface (CNI). Moreover, Cloud Foundry helps enterprises address shifting technology at the speed of the market.

Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Running containers at scale is complex. Cloud Foundry makes it simple. Cloud Foundry was born as a container-based architecture in 2011, giving the platform the necessary experience to run containers, securely, at scale. Cloud Foundry also supports the continued innovation in container technologies through collaboration with other standards and projects such as Open Container Initiative (OCI) or the Container Networking Interface (CNI) – matching the speed of the market. Cloud Foundry offers an unrivaled ecosystem focused on offering the best platform for apps and containers. Better together, like peanut butter and chocolate.

Cloud Foundry + Docker

Cloud Foundry supports Docker images, and connects to the Docker Registry, giving those enterprises that are already running Docker to easily take advantage of all the platform capabilities that Cloud Foundry provides.

2017 Container Report

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