Honeycomb Nozzle

Honeycomb Provides Full Stack Observability for Debugging Live Production Software

Honeycomb is the fastest, simplest way to debug complex systems with data. Explore your app’s events in real time to iteratively debug problems, gain ambient awareness of how your service runs in production, validate code changes, and improve your engineering teams.

The Honeycomb Nozzle provides an easy way to get events from your PCF installation as well as events from each of your apps into Honeycomb for analysis.

The Honeycomb Nozzle listens to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry logging Firehose, parses all the messages it finds there, and sends them to the Honeycomb service, https://honeycomb.io.

In addition to the PCF-generated logs, application logs that appear as JSON objects are parsed and included, so you can explore your app performance using Honeycomb.

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