Service Fabrik

Provision and manage enterprise-grade backing services

Service Fabrik is a multi-cloud, enterprise service provisioning, management and operating solution which is run in production. It has the capability to spawn single node Docker container-based service instances and managed enterprise grade, BOSH-based, multi-node service clusters.

Application developers can choose to start their development of polyglot applications using single node containers, test them thoroughly and switch to the Enterprise-grade service clusters when the application matures and is ready to get into production.

In addition to provisioning, Service Fabrik has also built-in additional capabilities like instance monitoring, alerting, logging, update support, backup and restore, automatic failover in case of instance down times, and so on.

In other words, Service Fabrik is THE solution which can help you to provision, maintain and operate Cloud Foundry services as “managed” services.

It enables the consumption of open-source based and industry-proven data and storage technologies to enhance the platform capabilities and accelerate development of innovative applications.

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